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C & C Co., Ltd.
74-10,Yongseong-ri, Samseong-myeon Eumseong-gun Chungcheongbuk-do 369834 Korea
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Han-jin Lee , Assistant Manager

C & C Co., Ltd.
Air Purifier&Sterilizer

Air Purifier & Sterilizer

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Air Purifier & Sterilizer

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Dear Sir/Madam.,

We "Clean and Clean" is a professional for clean environment total solution as supplying very high technology of clean environment into "Clean Room" which need to be controlled for semiconductor very sensitively. Based on this high technology, we are specialized in filtering system for clean environment.
We just developed Nano silver air sterilizer "Cyverguard" with Nano silver technology which is a new type to sterilize air based on Nano technology and launched it in Korean market through E-mart which is one of the biggest distributor in Korea.

We feel you may be interested in our products, and we would like to briefly introduce them as follows:

  • HEPA FILTER : 99.97% filtering up to 0.3µm size particles or micro germs
  • Excellent in removing VOCS(Volatile Organic Compounds) including Formaldehyde from wallboard, or furniture.
  • Effective for sick house syndrome
  • Anions
  • Well shaped, compact design
  • CE Mark on HA-15P
  • No harm because of ozone(Not ozone sterilization type)
  • Automatic filtering operation with auto cleanness detection system(sensor)
  • 3 steps of Nano silver sterilization : Nano silver coated filters control air free from bacteria, virus, germs, fungus or even A.I(Avian Influenza)
  • Remote control & Display panel control
  • Various models and design
  • Front display panel showing operation condition and air condition

If you are interested in our item and would like to get more information, please feel free to contact us. We can give you full explanation with full versions of catalogue in detail.

Kelly Chun

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